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Q.  How do I pay for my stay at Deerview Nursing & Rehab?
A.  We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Private Pay, Long Term Care Insurance, HMO's, PPO's and Private Insurance.
Q. If I have Medicare, will it automatically pay for my stay?
A. No, Medicare will ONLY cover 100 days of your stay only when you  have had a recent 3 midnight hospital stay.  Medicare will pay 100% of your first 20 days in a long term care facility as long as you are complying with therapy, then 80% of your remaining stay.
Q.  How do I qualify for Long Term Care Medicaid?
A.  It goes on a case by case basis and depends on your assets. An individual must be below a $2000 monthly income, but it is different for married couples. Deerview Nursing & Rehab's Business Office Manager will be happy to help assist you in any questions you may have and assist you in the Long Term Care Medicaid application process.
Q.  Who determines a residents liability amount upon entering Deerview Nursing & Rehab as Medicaid Pending?
A.  It varies from case to case and is solely income based. Our Business Office manger can assist you in figuring out what your liabilities are based upon your monhtly income.
Q.  How does Short Term Rehab to Home work?
A.  Many times after you have been in the hospital and are being discharged, you may simply not be ready to be fully functional back at  home.  After a 3 midnight hospital stay, Medicare will cover you a 20-100 day stay in a private Medicare suite.  You will work with Deerview Nursing & Rehab's in-house Therapy Department to get you strengthened and prepared to go for the transition to home.
Q. What kind of Therapy is offered?
A. Deerview Nursing & Rehab offers both in and out patient therapies. We offer Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapies.
Q.  Once my loved one becomes a resident at Deerview Nursing & Rehab, can they leave with family members or friends?
A.  Sure! Any resident of Deerview Nursing & Rehab can leave with a family member or friend to go out for any kind of social outing as long as you have discussed it thorouhly with the residents nurse and have properly signed them out in the log book.
Q.  What is Hospice care? 
A.  Hospice care is a way of valuing the remaining moments of a family members life.  Deerview Nursing & Rehab offers several options for hospice care with well trained, personalized and caring hospice staff.
Q.  What is Respite care?
A.  Respite care is a short term stay to help assist caregivers in a much needed break.  Respite care can be paid private on a daily rate or some hospice agencies will assist in respite care.
Q. My loved one smokes, can he/she continue to smoke upon entering Deerview Nursing & Rehab?
A. Several of our residents smoke at Deerview Nursing & Rehab.  As long as the resident is medically assessed and the resident or their family can afford to buy their tobacco, we offer allotted smoke breaks every hour (weather permitting) with supervision of our staff.


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